It all started when...


I learned to use a pencil. As a little girl, I was only interested in drawing faces and coloring in the barbie faces of my coloring books to bring their colorless faces to "life". I was all about female beauty. I've always been fascinated by it. At elementary age, I advanced to private art classes where I was taught shading and color theory. In my spare time, I'd spend HOURS straight drawing portraits and studying facial features- faces of women with all sorts of unique and beautiful faces. I'd zero in on every facial feature from various shades of eye color, to brow arches, to even nose shapes! 

Middle school came along...I found myself being that "go-to" friend everyone asked to do their makeup for school events- and I LOVED it! Every school dance and even at dance competitions, my girl friends would take turns sitting in front of me waiting to get their "makeup done by Sam!" I just loved how beauty and makeup just brought us together to have fun!

Fast forward to my days in high AP Art instructor encouraged me to attend a summer of Academy of Arts in San Francisco to specialize my artistic strengths. From here on out, the academy confirmed my calling and passion needed to consist of my artistic outlet blended with my adoration of female beauty.

I decided to take a step further into my career and began working at Bare Minerals Boutique as a Beauty Ambassador. That was sooo not a job to me. It was serious fun! I enjoyed making women feel beautiful using their own natural facial features! I delighted in seeing women light up after they had a pamper of makeup done, thanking me for helping them boost their confidence! Talk about a reward! Pretty soon, referral after referral, I specialized in wedding makeup. And that's how my career took off!

Now married and a blessed mother of 3, I launched my makeup artistry career doing what I am passionate about! I have been beautifying women throughout the Bay Area and Sonoma County for 10 years and counting, specializing in on-location makeup services for weddings, photoshoots, & special events. There's endless rewards of what I do as a makeup artist and I'm loving every bit of it! It's so easy for me to love what I do, and I cherish every new friendship I make with each client along the way! I hope to be a part of making you feel absolutely radiant on your day as well!!