important tips to prepare for your trial/special day...

Photo by: Sunnyside

Photo by: Sunnyside

The trial generally takes anywhere between 1.5-2 hours depending on what you'd like to discuss for your bridal beauty vision, logistics, and the makeup look you desire.

The better you prepare on your part, the better the result will be!

1.  SKIN: Beautiful makeup starts with beautiful SKIN! Please arrive with a clean, moisturized face wearing an oil-free/spf-free moisturizer. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of maintaining a good skin routine at least a few weeks before the trial or wedding day- it’s never too late to start taking care of your skin! If you choose to exfoliate/mask, please do so at least a week prior. Please don't make any changes to your skin routine within 2 weeks of your event date- your skin may not deal well with surprises! If you have problematic skin, do seek a dermatologist or a reputable clinic to help you find a good regiment. Please take good care of your under eye areas where we tend to have either puffiness, dark circles or fine lines … Use a good eye cream to help this problem if you have it. Also, exfoliate/moisturize your LIPS so we can work with those lubricious, plump lips! Throughout the week prior, DRINK LOTS OF WATER to help your skin stay supple and radiant! 

2. IDEAS:  Please email me inspirational photos of makeup styles/ideas you desire, along with any quick notes of what you specifically like about the makeup looks. This will help us envision together and best prepare for the trial, ensuring the perfect, gorgeous look you desire for your special day! 

3. BEFORE/AFTER PHOTO: For your best interest and for my portfolio, I take before/after photos of you for my records of the finished trial look we will replicate for your wedding day.  If you know you won’t be comfortable having me blogging about our session or including your photos in my portfolio, please let me know right at the beginning of our session. If so, then I’ll only take just enough photos with my phone to keep as preferences for the wedding day look.

4. BYOM!: I will bring my complete makeup set on-site with high-quality, high-definition (HD) varieties and options to choose from. However, if you have a preference to use a certain product such as your own foundation or a specific lipstick color, please feel free to bring it and we can add it to complete your desired look!

5. OUTFIT: TRIAL RUN: Please come with a white/neutral or plain black colored top/dress that would show your neckline & shoulders ~ if possible. The purpose is to envision the makeup as if you would have it on your wedding day in the bridal gown. DAY OF EVENT: Please wear a button-down blouse/top so that you can easily change into your wedding dress without touching your gorgeous makeup/hair.

6. LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION!: Lighting is KEY! At your bridal-prep location, please prepare a "set up" area for me that also provides ample amounts of natural lighting.

7. SIT BACK & RELAX: My favorite part! Allow me to pamper you and enjoy getting dolled up for the day you have been waiting for!! 

I'm SO honored to be alongside you as your Makeup Artist and start pampering you to feel absolutely GORGEOUS!!

PC: Illuminen

PC: Illuminen