my passion...

makeup. Ever since childhood, I have loved everything about it. The art, the colors, the beauty, the fun, the excitement… all of these aspects infused into the makeup brush within my hand.

The creativity, the glamour, the intricacy and detail- all of which I get to illuminate the God-given gift of beauty literally onto the smiling faces of women. I find incredible joy in glamouring each woman for her own special day. It is beyond an honor and thrill to be a part of the excitement, and in return soak up the feeling of making each woman feel so pampered and beautiful for the moment she has been waiting for. There is nothing like the intangible reward of witnessing that radiant smile on each woman’s face, as she feels fully confident in her own beauty. I absolutely LOVE my role! Whether it is for a natural everyday look, or for a once-in-a-lifetime event, or even wanting to do something completely out of the box, I love glamouring and coaching women with makeup that suits their own natural beauty features and individual style!

I absolutely would love to meet you and hope to have the privilege to beautify you on your special day!! Now let's get GORGEOUS!!

Photo by Alyssa Luzaich Photography

Photo by Alyssa Luzaich Photography